In addition to buying firearms, Red Hills Arms will gladly accept consignment firearms and market them for you. All consignments will be priced and sold at current market values determined by RHA. Firearms consigned will be expected to be clean and in good working order at the time of consignment.  

    Red Hills Arms will inspect all of the items listed in this agreement, and will determine condition and functionality. Red Hills Arms will Write up the description and specifications necessary in order to offer the items for sale. Red Hills Arms will offer the items for sale at its storefront at 3305 Capital Circle NE, Suite #105 Tallahassee, FL 32308, and may also offer in online or auction style listings as determined by agreement with seller. Consignment fees are competitive and will vary based on quantity and quality of items being sold, as well as conditions of sale.

    Fees for other services provided by Red Hills Arms, (e.g. Cleaning or repair) or for services provided by third party vendors (e.g. Auction listing fees, credit card fees, shipping fees) are additional and are not included in the consignment fee. When the items consigned are sold and final payment is made by the buyer, the Consignor will be able to  receive the net amount within 30 days of finalized sale via business check, cash, or money order at the convenience of Red Hills Arms.