Red Hills Arms offers inbound firearms transfers for firearms. Please carefully read the terms, conditions, and pricing of our transfer service and fill out our Online Transfer Request Form.


    For every incoming transfer, you must fully complete our Online Transfer Request Form, and include the sender's Phone, Email, and Fax number to ensure timely processing.

    We will call you when the firearm is here and ready for pickup. If you did not receive a call, the firearm is likely not ready for pickup yet.

    Please read all of our policies regarding transfers before conducting a transfer. By transferring with Red Hills Arms, you are agreeing to and are responsible for the information on this page. Failure to comply with our instructions will result in processing delays.

    Transfer Fees:

    These fees only apply to firearms inbound and outbound from/to other dealers. Firearms purchased or ordered directly through Red Hills Arms are not charged additional fees beyond the state call-in fee.

    • $25 for a single firearm transfer
    • $25 for each additional firearm.
    • $175 for each NFA item transferred.
    • If firearm is coming from a major online retailer (ie. Buds Gun Shop, CDNN, Grabagun, etc), we require in person request of transfer, and reserve the right to refuse if you have spent our time and effort looking at guns we have in stock with the intention to not buy local to avoid sales tax. We are not here to do the work for out of state retailers preying on brick and mortar stores that have reasonable fees.

    In-Store Transfers:

    If you are engaging in a private sale, but wish to conduct a background check, we'd be happy to provide the service. Both the seller and the buyer must be present, and the same identification and paperwork are required as a normal sale. This is still a transfer, and the $25 fee still applies.

    Shipping Rates for Outgoing Transfers:

    • This is still a transfer, and the $25 transfer fee applies on top of shipping charges
    • $35.00 for handguns shipping within the Continental United States
    • $50.00 for long guns shipping within the Continental United States
    • If special packaging or delivery services/times are required, there may be additional cost.
    • Contact us for Alaska/Hawaii shipping rates.
    • Rates include packaging, shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance
    • You must have a FFL destination for the shipment identified.
    • No international shipping

    Transfer Rules:

    We will accept transfers from private individuals, other gun stores/dealers, and even manufacturers as long as we are not hindered by any of the purchase / stocking dealer agreements.

    • Please inform us (using our Online Transfer Request Form) in advance of all firearms being shipped to us, regardless of whether the shipper requires our information (even if we are "on file" with that dealer.) Failure to do so will result in significant processing delays.
    • Make sure the sender includes your name, contact information, and their FFL file copy. If we simply receive a gun in a box with no information, this will cause delays and possibly incur additional fees.
    • Please allow us time to contact the sender and exchange FFL information. This may take 24 to 72 hours.
    • Once the firearm(s) arrive we must unpack it, inspect it, and log it into our books. Heavy volume of incoming firearms means this may take up to 72 hours for the firearm to be ready.
    • Please do not come in or call until after we call you to inform you the firearm(s) are ready. We get dozens of firearms transfers per day in addition to our own incoming inventory, which is processed first. Please be patient, and we will call you when we get to yours.
    • Only the person listed on the transfer request may pick up the firearm(s). NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Customers have 30 calendar days from the date of arrival to start the paperwork to pick the firearm(s) up.
    • After 30 days, a $15 Per Day, Per Firearm Storage Fee will be incurred.
    • After 60 days, a lien will be placed on the firearm(s) and they will be sold.
    • If you are deploying in service of our nation and cannot pick up a transferred firearm, contact us and we can make arrangements.

    We support our warriors!

    As with all firearms sales and transfers: if any staff member at Red Hills Arms feels uncomfortable with the sale, we reserve the right to deny the transfer or sale of the firearm and return the firearm to the seller at the expense of the buyer.

    Regarding Shipments from Private Sellers (non-FFL):

    If the seller/sender is not a valid FFL holder, they can verify our FFL via the ATF's "E-Z Check" Website and enter our "First 3 and Last 5 numbers on the FFL: 1-59, 30715 for FFL confirmation. Note: If the seller is not an FFL, we will ONLY contact them in the event of a problem. Everything they need to ship is located on this page. If NON-FFL: The seller must include a photocopy of their driver's license with ALL INFORMATION LEGIBLE with the package. Failure to do so means we cannot log the firearm into our books and will result in processing delays.

    Age Restrictions Per Federal Law:

    • LONG GUNS: 18+
    • HANDGUNS: 21+
    • LOWER RECEIVERS: 21+ (Due to the capability of many lower receivers to be built into either a pistol or a rifle)

    Please be aware of these laws when ordering firearms. See returns policy for transfers below.


    Recently, we have had a rash of returns being requested with various online transfers, particularly Buds Gun Shop and CDNN. This has become very time consuming for us. In the event the customer is unsatisfied with their firearm, it is their right to refuse transfer. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to make contact with the shipper and obtain an RMA or pay for return shipping. Red Hills Arms will NOT contact manufacturers or shippers for this information. A transfer fee may still be charged on a return. In the event a transferee is for ANY reason ineligible to receive the firearm you ordered (such as failed background check or age restriction), Buyer will be held responsible for all return arrangements and shipping costs. A transfer fee will be charged. If no arrangements are made for any return for any reason within 30 days, above storage fees apply, with a lien after 60 days.